About Dan

In introducing myself to the world of blog-media, it might be best to refer to the often used 1 Cor. 1:26-29.   We often use this scripture to point out our inferiority to the world’s standards of ‘wisdom’ and ‘quality’, but in introducing a man who is posting a Biblical article, we cite his qualifications based on educational credentials, honors, and ordinations by corporate entities established by men.   I claim only to be a most inferior, common man, called out of this world  to confound the ‘wise’.  I would consider it the highest compliment to be evaluated, based on the content of my messages as the Chief Priests, Rulers, Elders, and Scribes viewed the Disciples in Acts 4:13, as “unlearned and ignorant men”, who had “…been with Jesus“.    All of the educational, and political achievements in this world are worthless, when compared to a lifelong committed relationship with Him.

I have been an avid student of the Bible since 1977, and a Sabbatarian since 1979.   I was a member of the Worldwide Church of God until its apostasy in 1995, and have been affiliated with various COG groups since then.   In 2003, I was asked to begin speaking, and during the past 10 years, I’ve given roughly 70 full-length sermons, along with many shorter messages.   I am un-ordained, and have no desire to ever be ordained, and my ‘loyalty’ is the sole property of God the Father, and Jesus Christ.   I believe the job of any inspired Christian speaker, or writer is not to build a following for himself, but to enhance the relationship of his listeners/readers with the Godhead.    I view my “ministry”, if it could be called that as being to those who are fed up with status-quo ‘church’, and simply want a personal relationship with the Godhead, and wish to learn more about Them.   My brethren, thank you for reading.   May the Great God, and His Beloved Son grant our minds full access through His Holy Spirit to the “deep things of God”.


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